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The Bachelor Degree Project I (BDP I) and Bachelor Degree Project II (BDP II) are two Programme Core courses that are compulsory for final year students as a requirement to be awarded the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Degree in their respective field. The courses are implemented in the 6th and 7th semesters, respectively. During these two semesters, the students are required to engage in either an industrial-based or practice-oriented project which emphasis on innovation and related to their field of interest. Students are expected to accomplish the project independently with a guidance by an appointed Supervisor (Academic Staff). The students’ work progress is monitored systematically via regular meeting and records in the logbook. The assessments are made based on general conduct, project report, executive summary, product functionality demonstration and poster as well as oral presentation. The Supervisor and two (2) examiners are responsible in the BDP assessment for each student. At the end of the project, students are required to submit their dissertation to the faculty.




Type of BDP Projects

  1. Industrial based projects

Collaboration with industries such as

- Industrial Product / Process / System Development (Hardware / Software).

- Industrial defined problem

- Industrial case study

  1. Practice-oriented

Integrating engineering studies and practices in student’s project.




At the end of the Bachelor Degree Project, students should be able to:

  1. Identify the problem, objectives and scope of project associated to the industrial or practice-oriented based project.
  2. Relate previous works and relevant theories using various resources.
  3. Select appropriate methodologies for successful execution of the project.
  4. Present the project execution and findings in the oral and written forms effectively.
  5. Execute project planning systematically.
  6. Interpret data in a meaningful form using relevant tools.
  7. Work independently to achieve the objectives of the project.

Demonstrate the results in the oral and written forms effectively.

This page contains multiple section of the required documents/forms and guidlines for the BDP 1 and 2. Tentative dates and schedules are also being updated from time to time:


  1. Presentation Schedule
    1. BEEA
    2. BEEC
    3. BEEE
    4. BEEI
    5. BEET
    6. BEEY
    7. BEEZ
  2. Summary of Moderated BDP Titles:
    1. BEEA
    2. BEEC
    3. BEEE
    4. BEEI
    5. BEET
    6. BEEY
    7. BEEZ

      For detail of the title please contact Supervisor

  3. BDP Supervisor & Students Lists (JTKE)

  4. BDP Supervisor & Students Lists (JTKEK)

  5. Award Winners List

  6. IDEX Session (Online)

  7. BDP Documents
BDP 1 (2)
BDP 2 (1)
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