Introduction to FTKEE Part Time Programme

The academic curriculum of FTKEE Part Time Programme has been designed according to outcome-based approach to equip the students with appropriate and sufficient intellectual and practical skills in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology.







Programme Structure

A complete year of academic duration consists of three semesters. A normal semester covered 14 weeks per semester and 8 weeks for the short semester. However, all the teaching and learning (T&L) activities are implemented during the weekend over the semester duration. The T&L contact hours are set to be equivalent to the Full Time Mode programme.

This programme is designed to be completed in 5 years and 6 months which consists of 11 common semesters and 5 short semesters (Figure 1). The number of maximum credits allocated for the common semesters is 12 credits. The short semesters are allocated maximum 6 credits. The final semester is allocated for 12 credits industrial training which takes 24 weeks to be completed.