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Each semester comprises of 9 to 12 credits for the common semester, maximum 6 credits for the short semester and 24-week industrial training equivalent to 12 credits in the final semester. The courses will be taken consist of four category, which are common core courses (P), discipline core courses (K), university compulsory courses (W) and Elective Courses (E). Students must choose 1 out of 5 general elective courses in the fifteenth semester and 3 out of 8 elective courses in the thirteenth and fourteenth semester.

For Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering Technology (Industrial Power) with honours Programme:

There are 4 pre-requisite courses set in this Programme which are Electrical Circuit Fundamental (BEEI1303), Electrical Workshop I (BEEI 1311), Power System Technology (BEEI 2383) and Bachelor Degree Project I (BEEU3764). The students must pass:

  • Electrical Circuit Fundamental to continue with Advanced Electrical Circuit (BEEI1333),
  • Electrical Workshop I to continue with Electrical Workshop II (BEEI 2342),
  • Power System Technology to continue with Advanced Power System (BEEI 3393), and
  • Bachelor Degree Project I to continue with and Bachelor Degree Project II (BEEU4774) course.



Table 1 Distribution of Courses per Semester (Curriculum Summary)(BEEI)

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