Each student is required to choose any TWO (2) of the listed certifications which is the most suitable to your program. However, only ONE (1) type of certification shall be chosen subjected to the limited availability of each session. Successful candidates shall be notified in advance by the faculty for the manual (confirmed lists) registration.

Listed are the professional certification program with the suitable courses which are recommended to apply:-


1) Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Level 1 & 2 (BEEE, BEEA, BEEI, BEEY)

2) SMCT MT1 - Practical Mechatronics 1 (BEEE, BEEA, BEEI, BEEY)

3) CCNA Routing and Switching Professional Certification Preparation (BEET, BEEC, BEEZ)

4) Certified LabView Associate Developer "CLAD" (BEEA, BEEI, BEEE, BEEY, BEEZ)

5) IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things (BEEC, BEET, BEEZ)

6) IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics (BEEC, BEET, BEEZ)


All students (Cohort 7) are required to perform pre-registration latest by 14/02/2020failing which students are unable to participate due to the limited availability. 

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