Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and warm welcome,

Thank you for visiting the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology website. This website is aimed to provide readers with a glimpse on the Engineering Technology program which University Technical Malaysia Melaka is proud to be the first public university to offer. The aim for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology program are to produce engineering technologists that are highly competent and able to apply the principles of science, engineering and modern technology to solve engineering technology problems in the industries.

The main purpose for the establishment of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Faculty is to support the nation’s need for highly skilled workforce towards achieving the vision to be a developed country by year 2020. The engineering technology graduates from the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology can be employed in a large and wide-array of industries, including manufacturing, construction, industrial, maintenance and management. Graduates can work in entry-level positions such as product design, testing, development, system developments, field engineering, technical operations, and quality control.

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Faculty is unique since all the programs offered are application oriented based on current industrial needs and taught by lecturers with industrial experiences. Moreover, the laboratory activities use advanced equipment technology assisted by highly technical trainers and teaching engineers. The faculty’s strong link with the industries will also be beneficial for the students to be exposed to the actual industrial environment. The ready-to-practice engineering technologists not only will be developed to be creative and innovative with high engineering ethical values but emphasis will also be focused on the soft skills such as communication, team work and leadership as required by the industries.

Therefore, do spend some time on our websites to get to know the programs, the faculty staffs and the admission requirement. This website will be your first step to a great higher education experience with us and a bright future as engineering technologist.

Thank you and Wassalam.

“Towards Engineering Technology Educational Excellence”



Updated on 15 May 2019